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Shut the Duck Up and Play Your Accordion!

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Fresh Duck for Rotting Accordionists - Duckmandu



  1. Sirba - traditional
  2. Fabriccio - Aaron Seeman
  3. Rustic Dance - C. R. Howell
  4. Air on the G-String - J. S. Bach
  5. Turkish March - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  6. Gravy Goes Out - A. Seeman
  7. Araber Tantz - traditional
  8. Landodi Ashduck - A. Seeman
  9. A Broken Life - traditional
  10. Mija’s Walk - A. Seeman
  11. Stars and Stripes Forever - John Philip Sousa
  12. L’internationale - Pierre Degeyter
  13. Minute Waltz - Frederic Chopin
  14. Accordion Ballad - A. Seeman
  15. Bring the Schmuffle - A. Seeman
  16. Hollywood So Why Won’t You? - Jim Barsochinni
  17. Mule Caravan - A. Seeman
  18. For the Grace of a Bee - A. Seeman
  19. Circus Galop - W. Groscurth
  20. Terkish Yale V’Yove Tantz - traditional
  21. L’August - Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  22. Extremely Large Congenial Romanian - A. Seeman

Can’t Shut the Duck Up:
23. O Sole Mio - Eduardo di Capua and Giovanni Capurro
24. Tumbalalaika - Traditional
25. Fader Bergstrom - Carl Michael Bellman
26. After You’ve Gone - Turner Layton and Henry Creamer

27. Ashokan Farewell - Jay Ungar © 1982 by Swinging Door Music-BMI

Accordion and Vocals by Aaron Seeman
Track 4: Ursula Knudson on Musical Saw and Voice
Track 22: Brandilyn Davidson on Clarinet
Recorded and engineered at the FISHTANK by Aaron Seeman
Recording (P) 2007 by Aaron Seeman
Arrangements and original compositions © 2007 by Aaron Seeman

Thanks to Karin Seeman.
Thanks to Kimric Smythe of Smythe’s Accordion, without whom my accordion would not survive.
Thanks to Jason Webley, for conjuring up an amazing audience that loves the accordion.
Thanks to Mimi Ward for loaning me the first accordion I ever played. (She still hasn’t asked for it back.)
Thanks to Alex de Soria, who started me playing the accordion seriously, and got me into folk music.
Thanks to the Fishtank household, for enduring my 24 hour practice and recording schedule.
And thanks to Shamalamacord and Shamalamacord fans.
anonymous Bosch: Historical Duck Accordionist Portraits, Art, Layout, Additional Historical Duck Text
Sadrah Schadel: Back Cover Photo
Aaron Seeman: Sleeve Concept, Historical Duck Text, and Additional Layout

Fresh Duck for Rotting Accordionists - Duckmandu